16 Overwatch Mashups That Would Win Play Of The Game

At the end of each Overwatch match, players are shown a short clip titled 'play of the game' which highlights the best play during the match. Even if USPTO grants Blizzard the patent, odds are good that the patent wouldn't completely prohibit developers from implementing something like a POTG in their own games, especially since games have shown end-of-match highlights since before Overwatch and its POTG system were a thing.

Overwatch Play of the Game is arguably the best feature in the game. Killing Mercy is usually the most bang a team can get for their buck, so good tanks and DPSes will target you first. Another cool thing is that during a play session the game will save your own personal Highlights to view later.

If you can get your team to group up for a push, popping Valkyrie and damage-boosting five allies at once can steamroll the opponent, as long as the enemy doesn't have an ult ready that can kill the entire group (Graviton Surge, Self-Destruct, Blizzard, Meteor Strike) or you (Tactical Visor, Deadeye).

We also have a lot of cool systems internally where we can play with the algorithm that determines Play of the Game and play the same game back again, and be like, Okay if I tweak these numbers, what's going to be the Play of the Game that gets picked this time?” So it might've been Widowmaker getting three snipes, but I change the weighting on some other aspect that we take as important, and it could all of a sudden its Mercy resurrecting everyone on the point two second before the match ended.

Blizzard has filed a patent for their ‘Play of the Game' system. However, if the highest score for a particular category — like "high score", which tracks the amount of kills achieved in a short space of time — falls under a particular threshold, then Overwatch selects the play of the game from another category.

Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map or escort a payload across the map in a limited amount of time. Yep, it's definitely a bug, as these players are shown merely shooting an NPC to get play of the game. Xbox and PlayStation players will enjoy automatically formatted videos going straight to their video library, while PC players will find their highlights in a directory.

Overwatch developers are rolling out a feature that will make all of you very happy — the ability to immediately capture up to 32 highlights. In an approach, a game server records events that POTG occur within a match of a video game played using a plurality of game clients.

In an interview with Waypoint last year , lead designer Jeff Kaplan talked about their ongoing plans for Overwatch 's” Play of the Game feature, primarily tweaking the algorithm to pick better moments. Luckily, Overwatch automatically saves plays from your last few games in the "highlights" menu — but once you log out, they vanish.

A cacophony of mechanical keystrokes and clicking of mice accompanied by the steady hum of almost a dozen gaming computers plays out as one of the University of Utah's varsity esports teams conducts one of its triweekly practice sessions in the Einar Nielsen Fieldhouse.

Patenting the 'play of the game' feature allows for Blizzard to expand on improvements while also not allowing rivaling companies to copy the idea. Try to give them a good defence in this time (although that advice is more important to those not playing Mercy).

In an interview with GameSpot , lead software engineer Rowan Hamilton spoke about the feature, and testing it, improvements that are to be made and what the studio is currently working on to improve the game overall. There are two videos with a handful of recreations each, showing off plays with a variety of characters” such as Reaper and Genji.

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